Additional products and services

Online cashier's office Dreamkas F, for the Internet shop on a turn-key basis

Integrated with the online store online ticket office on a turn-key basis.
Cash register of Dreamkass-F
Fiscal storage for 1 year
Connection to the CRF (VLSI-CRD) for a period of 1 year
Issuance of digital signatures for the organization of an appropriate level for registration of the cash desk in the tax inspection.
Setting up a data exchange between the cashier, the online store payment system, the CRF and the turnkey tax inspection.
Guarantee maintenance and support of all equipment and software for a period of 1 year.
It is offered for Internet shops on any modern software platforms, including our offers - the Internet shop and the Smart Internet shop.

  • This proposal is intended to facilitate the transition to online cash desks in accordance with Federal Law No. 54-FZ. From the client only the paid participation and submission of documents for obtaining the Digital Signature will be required. Package includes
Online booking office Dreamkas F, for an online store without connecting

The mobile phone Dreamkas-F and fiscal storage for 13 months.
Warranty maintenance and support of equipment for a period of 13 months with the possibility of prolongation.
It is offered for Internet shops on any modern software platforms, including our offers - Internet shop and Smart Internet shop.

Dedicated IP with ssl certificate (Let's Encrypt) for 1 year

Required options for any modern Internet site or online store. Are provided with any tariff plan of hosting and support of Internet sites and shops in our company. Includes a dedicated IP address and a ssl-certificate (Let's Encrypt) for your site. Ensures the security of the transmission of any registration and other confidential data about the customers from your site. Provides priority search indexing in the main search engines and increase the level of customer confidence in your site.

TestPay (Тестовый платеж)

Тестовый платеж/продукт для ознакомления с процедурой регистрации и оплаты, а также с панелью управления.
* Тестовый платеж не является оплатой.
* Сумма тестового платежа зачисляется на счет клиента.